Processing Plants



Pichidegua Processing Plant is located 100 miles south from Santiago. It started operations in the year 2011 and since then it has grown and developed successfully at great strides by enlarging the field areas, improving the working equipment and enhancing  human resources management. The core purpose to go through steady progress in operational, administrative and  realstate issues is to finally keep the high quality level of products and services demanded by our customers.

The field area in this facility is 1.200 m2; It receives seed material of different species: brassicas, cucurbits, lettuce and carrot among others. Pichidegua facility alsocounts  withan area intended for cleaning and selection of organic seed.

The seed which is received in the plant is registered into an online system which permits the provision of real-time information regarding processes, reduction in production, germination results among others.

Personnel and Equipment:

The areas of process and seed cleaning are under the responsibility of a plant chief. There is a person in charge of quality control and skilled personnel engaged in multiple tasks related with seed’s conditioning. The facility also counts with employees responsible of taking samples of seed lots, packing activities, machinery maintenance and quality management.

  • Some of the equipment available is
  • Air columns  
  • Shape & Color Sorter
  • Magnetic Seed Separator
  • Gravity Tables
  • Spiral Seed Cleaners
  • Sieving  Machines.
  • Indented Cylinder Separators

Special sites within the processing plant are available to perform the works related with seed conditioning. There is a particular area where seed is collected;a place for the seed stock pile which will be processed; a place for the already cleaned seeds; an area for packing and modern premises where different machines are located.


The plant has an operational performanceof  6.000 kg /per day.

Yearly production volume:

  • Brassicas:           64.500 kg.
  • Cucurbits:          42.200 kg
  • Carrots :             18.500 kg.
  • Lettuce:              9.800 kg
  • Organic Seed:    5.500 kg.      
  • Fennel:               4.300 kg.