ANTUFEN SEEDS is well-known for its outstanding results in brassicas seed production. Environmental and methodological advantages such as rainless summers, year-round irrigation, strict Xanthomonascampestris control and prevention, as well as the availability of most reliable growers, have permitted to ANTUFEN SEEDS to worthily obtain throughout the years high levels of germinations and high percentage of usable seeds.

Autumn and Summer varieties are grown for hybrid seed production. With the purpose to define the best moment for the nicking of male-female flowers, ANTUFEN carries out flowering trials to each parent line with different sowing dates. The cauliflower orchards are located in coastal areas where temperate climate with regular cool temperatures is very appropriate for cauliflower cultivation, improving SI (Self Incompatible) results.

Excellent MS (Male Sterile) performance in open field and green house productions.

Our broccoli seed production is characterized for its high usability and germination rate level which goes up to 92%. Male sterile hybrids and self-incompatible lines are produced as part of our global commitment consisting on achieving total satisfaction of our customer.

Productions cover areas situated between parallels 33°S and 35°S. It will depend on the variety planted and its growing requirements in matter of temperature and time of harvest to define the best area to develop specific crops. However, we are able to provide multiple types of cabbage seeds – semi tropical to late storage types – which are cultivated in open fields as well as in greenhouses to ensure seed health.