ANTUFEN SEEDS grows melon, watermelon, squash, pumpkin, cucumber, among other cucurbits, following strict parameters and methods and with the best practices of the market so as to obtain hybrid seeds of perfect conditions. Productions are mostly subcontracted to local farmers who are closely supervised by specialized ANTUFEN SEEDS agronomists. The exercise of a rigorous quality control work during each step of production secures the highest standards of quality (genetic purity, germination and healthy) and yields.

To produce seeds free of seed borne diseases stands as one of our most important goals. In order to achieve this goal, regular and strict protocols and supervisions have been implemented with support of our laboratory headed by Mr. Claudio Sandoval, Doctor in Pathology.

Cantaloupe, piel de sapo, yellow canary, charentais, galia, ananas, honey dew and harper are among the various melon types grown by ANTUFEN SEEDS. Crops can be cultivated either in open field, under plastic greenhouses or under antiaphidnethouses.

Years of experience and research in watermelon seed production has granted us with the knowledge needed to achieve maximum yields and germination on triploid and diploid hybrid watermelon varieties.

Cucurbita pepo, C. maxima, C. moschata as well as interspecific crosses are cultivated using hand pollination.

BAT (mini), Slicer, Long European Type and gherkin are produced by ANTUFEN SEEDS. The spraying with silver thiosulfate and ethrel, as well as hand pollination are some of the techniques used for cucumber seed production. These crops are produced whether in open fields, under greenhouses or under nethouses.