Organic Seeds


This is an Antufen Seeds’ production program. It was established in 2009, in reply to the great demand for vegetable seeds from global market. A wide range of organic vegetable seeds is offered to the market; all of them produced under the most severe quality parametersfollowing the organic production and handlings standards stated by the North American USDA/NOP and the European CEE.

This demanding and sensitive project led us to work together with certified producers of organic vegetables located in different Chileanedaphoclimatic areas; they are granted with our expert technical assistance in the production and handling of organic seeds. Antufen Seeds owns as well, a Home farmcertified as an organic farm where the service of seeds production is provided, fulfilling a wide range of additional needs such as net protected self-crosses, manual pollinations at the open field or in greenhouses, nursery programs, grow out’s and varied trials among others.

The Organic Seeds program is devoutly committed in developing practices which do not only damage or impact negatively natural and productive resources but which positivelyreestablish the balance of nature. The program is also engaged in preserving o increasing soil fertility in terms of chemical, physical and biological soil improvement; in preserving or increasing the soil’s organic matter, in enhancingbiodiversity by implementing cultural practices such as crop rotations and green manure sowings among others and to eliminate the use of substances of synthetic chemical origin which damage the environment and affect human health.

Our aim is to became agents of change by building environmental and social awareness in our locality, community, in our employees and in our company.