Our History

Antufen Seeds is a Chilean company with more that 25 years of experience in seeds production.

Our aim is to produce and multiply horticultural varieties for worldwideLeading Companies devoted to research, breeding and production  of Vegetable Seed.

Our services on benefit of seed production fulfill a wide range of needs. They go from hand-pollinations to large pollinations of open field crops including the multiplication of parent seeds, the performance of grow-out’s, genetic purity trials, diseases and disease-resistance evaluations and monitoring, blooming tests and others.

We are proud of our high standards in production, best practices applied and the excellence in quality of our products which are aligned with current quality requirements for seeds on the most strict and demanding markets.

The high commitment and vast experience which define our operational and administrative staff,  our serious engagement in building knowledge, our continuous investment in start-of-the art technologies and the pursuit of our employees’ well-being have permitted us to be leader in the seed production business in Chile.



To provide a service of excellence in seed multiplication processes to the most important and leading seed production companies worldwide. In the pursuit of thisgoal, we have a team formed up by specialized professionals who grants high level technical assistance to a network of expert farmers who are strategically located in the best agriculture areas throughout Chile intended to grow different horticultural varieties.


To globally become a well-known company with relevant and strong presence in the southern hemisphere and to be recognized as a leader in quality, production and service within specialist seed production companies around the globe. To be identified as a company with a sustained profitability which along with its own growth and development, contributes to the development and prosperity of our clients, employees and related farmers.

The best standards in quality, reliance in the accomplishment of order volume and due date delivery, as well as, a timely and appropriate communication with our counterparts;  the strict and absolute confidentiality and care of the genetic material entrusted to us  are among the satisfaction commitment engagements with our customers.

Our Commitment

Antufen is comprehensively committed with the effects and impacts of each and any of the actions carried out on the occasion of the development of our business.

We related with our commercial partners and with the members of our organization under moral codes of sincerity, loyalty, consistence and good faith, and always  keeping special attention on the business social liability. We are particularly engaged with:



Striving for  granting products and services of  the highest quality  within the domestic and international market.



Interacting with unhindered honesty with our customers, related farmers, suppliers, employees and social environment.



Providing an atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance, emphasizing the importance of  personal dignity and self-esteem in our employees, accepting the existence of religious and cultural differences and acknowledgingthe contribution of our human resource to the company`s development and success.


Taking special care in complying with environmental policies, existing mandatory laws and best practices. We perform all our business operations under secure processesand with clean technologies in pursuit of long term sustainabilityand  a pollution free environment.


Strict compliance of existing laws on occupational risk prevention, health and safety. Our devoting attitude towards full compliance of labor issues mainly obeys to achieve our employees’  wellness.


Encouraging an ethical behavior in each and every action carried out, preserving full accomplishment of  any legal regulation enacted if applied.