Download the Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP) certificates:



Germ: Higher than 95% Vigor: Over Than 80% Genetic purity: over than 99% Free of seed borne diseases.


Germ: Higher than 90% Vigor: Higher Than 70% Genetic purity: over than 99%


Peppers and tomatoes are grown in plastic greenhouses either on soil or substrate crops. This operation is carried out by a select and qualified group of farmers contracted by ANTUFEN SEEDS or by our own staff at the Home farm facilities in Quillota and Limache area, V region. Production is carefully controlled during the whole process, from sowing to harvest, by our agronomists and quality control team in order to assure genetics protection and optimum quality. GSPP protocols are strictly complied to assure the highest standards in Clavibacter sp. prevention.

Special attention and care is taken to quality controls and diseases prevention. These attentions are materialized by a thorough monitoring and testing of crops with the valuable support of our Pathology Team. All processing activities are performed in our exclusive and well structured processing facility which is placed in the same site as the production area. This site distribution permit us to provide the special care deserved by a high value product and provide us the capacity and flexibility to deliver according with our customers’ priorities and requirements.

Non GSPP and GSPP, substrate and soil crops of Beef, cherry, saladette, momotaro, plum, interspecific rootstocks and standard hybrid tomato seeds are produced in a highly controlled environment, permitting us to manage the cultivation of plants in accordance to their growing habits and achieving therefore, highest level in genetic purity and germination as well as seed yields. Our own 4,5 ha GSPP Home farm ( in expansion) located in Nogales, V region provided with 100% of coco fiber substrate permit us to fulfill the GSPP orders requested from professional seed companies whose first demand is best quality, healthy and flexible production. The sowing window is from June to December.

All kind of hybrids seeds, even those from male sterile plants, as well as those from chili plants are obtained through hand pollination. ANTUFEN SEEDS has focused in developing unique and appropriate quality control procedures throughout all stages of the production chain. This has made our pepper seed production to be the best available within the demanding seed multiplication market. Particular and up-to-date procedures implemented in harvest and seed extraction have been the key factors to yield the best results in germ potential in each variety or type of peppers. The sowing window is from March until October.